05 August 2015

A Choice of Void

I was brought up learning not to reject offers or making people feel bad about rejection--- even on the expense of my own happiness.

Having my own share of struggles--- this coin started to flip over slowly as i started to form my way of thinking.

Thus, a very valuable lesson i finally planted for my own good is...

Knowing that it is totally OK to reject & be rejected,
and  feel neither guilty nor humiliated about it.
 We almost feel oblige to make a choice according to the offers given by others-- that we have to take something. 

Option: A, B, C or D

Choose one. 

Which one would you choose?

Maybe A?
Maybe B?
Maybe C?
Maybe D?

Maybe None?

Don't forget, a void is also a choice. 

A rejection is just another way of acceptance.

Life is just full of ironies.
We see the blacks and the whites,
but don't miss out the huge part of greys for us to play around!

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