15 April 2015

Resuming into routine. Same spot. Many different thoughts.

It’s been a while since I get myself to doodle on the keyboard.
Today is a good day.
Today is the right mood to get my fingers to dance in prints of thoughts.

Done with an early morning class. No practice on ladies holiday.
I slot my Mac Air in my bag and headed out.
I like dawn. My mind is clearer and I get to enjoy every bloom of the morning, better.

I go to the same Starbucks every time when I’m in town; the one just beside Wheelock.
More accurately, I like the bench- table that smacks right in the middle of the interior.
It seems to be tailored according to my physical measurements.

I would always take on the same corner seat, facing the glass door; that’s my comfortable spot.

At least my short-distanced lower limbs get a leg-rest, instead of dangling in the mid-air. Tucked myself under the table—and everything sets off after a sip of coffee or tea. 

Today, I had an Americano. It tasted less sour than the last time I had it (many months ago), I prefer it this way.
Sometimes, we could possibly know the outcome of the beverage just by looking at the person who prepares it--- in this case, he is in a good mood.

Cozy and spacy, many of my blog posts and creative ideas happened here.

Most students got their engine started on regular practice—I get to see some of them more often.

It was interesting to see where the practice has taken them.
To take their practice beyond the physical plane, I would usually want to have a quick post-practice chat.

I’m happy that this time, they are starting to break down into pieces in front of me. And I’ve gotten used of tears and wailing.

Revealing a little of what’s under those layers, it makes my work--- of working with them back on the mat easier.

Fortunately, most didn’t like how I was “ hammering” them initially.

But were relieved and happy to drop the cover of pretense to let out--- and allowing me to see what they had been hiding inside them all these while.

The trip to Mysore, India last year, those lessons slowly came into light when I resume teaching.

" A good teacher doesn’t pamper the students."

~ Sharath Jois, addressing to the question on the quality of a teacher during the weekly conference.

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