11 March 2014

Having faith of the unknown.

The recent MH370 incident, which the tension is still going on today... i find myself check out the updates on the situation online and the newspapers daily. It did throw me back to a zone of reflection, how such a big plane still couldn't be found anywhere.

" That's life, things happen and there are events its beyond our control.", i could imagine my teacher saying this whenever i poured out my share of worries on certain things.

While there are people struggling with their last few breathes, here we are being fidgety with the peanut size stuff in our daily life. Having learnt about the many lives still out somewhere to our unknown--- it sort of pushes me into a kind of surreal feeling.

Life is fragile, and each of us has a kind of vulnerable in us. And in most time, we are building cemented wall around us to keep ourselves away from any harms--- why not feel the tenderness of life?

Like how our touch become soft whenever we hold flower petals in our hands. We want to feel the softness of the petals with our fingers, taking time to enjoy the beauty of the flower--- have you realize how everything softens while we get close to flowers? --- we smell slowly, our gaze softens and we even have a little sweetness in our smile.

There's no difference between us and the flowers--- life.

We are not plastic flowers that will last forever---- we are real flowers--- we have life line running in us, bloom it!

Being alive makes a difference in our life.
Being fragile is not a bad thing, its good. When we understand how delicate our lives are, we know how to appreciate life--- not things.

I love traveling and flying.

The one moment that i would totally sink myself in is the taking off of the plane.

Every time, i felt as if its really useless for me to want to hold on and control everything that's beyond my control. We all have issues of letting go, and let things be--- every time while the plane take off--- it reminded me to trust the expertise of the pilots and give faith to how it turned out to be.

When every time the little bud of fear starts growing inside, i would do a little quiet prayer to myself that everything will turn out ok. And i promise myself to appreciate my life more than before. That's why i like traveling and flying on plane--- the unknown is scary yet fulfilling.

Right now, i really really hope MH370 would miraculously appear, and everyone safe and sound.
Let's say a little prayer each day before we start our day, and appreciate our present moment always:)

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