05 January 2014

Back to work: Commitment is a chosen freedom.

After a little more than 2 months break from work schedule that i gave myself, i'm finally all ready to start teaching. Air plane seats are probably most body-destructing, but for the love of traveling.. i tried to manage my way through the stiffness and body aches.

Before i start my first class today at 8am, i planned to get myself a good morning practice. Deliberately when to bed the previous night real early, and i got up by 3.30am--- did my new routine of oil pulling, rolled my mat out and lit a peppermint candle to warm up the space.

4am, i started working through each knot of stiffness around my body ( especially my thighs, post over-shopping syndrome i guess).
Love the feeling of the heat flowing through the fibers, spilling beads of sweats that were glistering on my skin.

By the time when my practice was coming to an end, its dawn at 6am. I fell into a deep rest ( maybe catching up on my sleep hours), my back was aching, my thighs was shaking, and i my head was just too blank to think about anything.

Upon my next deep inhale to slowly bring myself to mobility, one thought passed through my head...

Commitment is a chosen freedom. 

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