30 October 2015

A good teacher would probably never be a popular one.

I was having some discussions with some friends about work- related topic;
and i blurted out a thought:  

A good teacher would probably never be a popular one. 

Yeah, they are probably those who push all the buttons of the students;
Annoy them or even make them cry;
Challenge their every act and decision;
And make them feel so unsure and uncomfortable about themselves.... first.

But! They are also probably those who are ready to take all the sh*t from the students;
Being there through the tides and show them how to manage their own personal issues;
Encourage them to be strong enough not to fall easily into conformity;
And allow them to have their own space and watch them flourish in their own skin as awareness expands.

I have seen enough to make me realize that i don't need to please everyone and make everyone happy. Practicing truthfulness ( satya) is the least i can do for the students.

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